Workshop Reports and Slides

LTAR Cropland Design Workshop Report

Representatives of 18 LTAR sites met in Minneapolis, Minnesota (18th - 20th November, 2015)  to dicuss Common Croplands LTAR Design. Tala Awada and Jane Okalebo represented the PR-HPA LTAR site. The 4-slide presentation outlining "business as usual" and proposed aspirational research for PR-HPA LTAR site were shared at the workshop and can be accessed here .

The programming committee consisted of:
      Mark Liebig and Phil Robertson, co-chairs;
       John Baker (local host), Dave Huggins, Kent Keller, Martin Locke (members of committee).
       Sara Duke and Sasha Kravchenko guided the statistical aspects of the discussion . 

Excellent progress was made and most sites are now positioned to make final design decisions.

The final workshop report and summary slides are available here.